iFACTS in the public sector

Long experience from working with the iFACTS method and software in the public sector has given us unique knowledge on how to support a wide variety of processes. In Stockholm, insurance management is connected to event handling throughout the city. The information security work in Helsingborg has been further developed to support the event handling, insurance and risk work as well. In Malmö the information security work will be further developed to support business continuity.


Risk Management v2

Risk Portfolio

Test iFACTS Risk Portfolio, the universal, easy-to-use web tool for all your risk management processes. Receive comprehensive support for reporting, controls, mitigation activities & much more.



Loss Prevention

iFACTS Facility provides dynamic, online support for the systematic loss prevention work in large organizations. "Keep your house in order" and invite stakeholders to share information such as inspections and loss history.



SKF is one of many customers that has improved their insurance management process with iFACTS INSMAN. Take control of the entire insurance process in one integrated workflow.