Most agree that information is absolutely vital to the organization. But it’s also very challenging to define and control. Trending areas such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Data-driven, Digital transformation – all demonstrate how important information is. An important first step is to understand and control the information.

Often Information Security becomes a major challenge for most organizations. One reason being a technology focus rather than an information focus. For example, IT-system responsible is appointed, but information responsible is vacant. An emerging trend is the realization that it’s not the technology that’s of most importance, it’s the information.

Controlling information often becomes an Information Security or IT Governance issue. Information confidentiality, integrity, and availability must be safeguarded. Recognizing the dependencies between information, IT systems and IT resources are important in order to fully understand the interactions.

Common work steps within Information Security are ownership, responsibilities, classification, requirements, document handling, dependencies, GAP analysis, compliance, nonconformity handling, risk assessment.

The iFACTS software is designed for this integrated view of Information Security. Libraries of requirements, procedure, taxonomy etc., are available supporting major standards and protocols.