Control & Audit

iFACTS supports a wide range of control and audit activities. For example Internal control, internal audit, self-assessment, inspections & ISO certifications.

The iFACTS method is inspired by leading frameworks and standards, for example, COSO Internal Control Integrated Framework, The Institute of Internal Auditors IPPF and Three lines of defense, ISO-certification.

The control/audit activity is organized in a Control program that is fully configurable. Typical work steps within a Control program include: scoping, risk assessment, selection of controls, distribution and roll out, comments and evidence, nonconformity and exception handling, approval, monitoring & reporting.

Connectivity is an important aspect of control & audit. Connectivity to organization, operational assets, requirements, incidents and risks. With a smart design many of the controls can be fully automated.

The iFACTS software is designed to support all these different types of control/audit activities and connectivity needs. The software functionality is decoupled and can be connected to any object.


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