iFACTS supports the work with sustainability within the framework of the principles within ISO standards. Sustainability is usually divided into three perspectives:

  • social
  • environmental
  • economic


In summary:

"Sustainable development is a development that satisfies today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."


Several new regulations and standards are emerging for handling Sustainability

Within the area, there are several hundred different standards and certification protocols for different industries. For example, Fair Trade, Rainforest alliance, Organic etc.

The governing regulations include Tax Legislation, the Environmental Code and ISO 26000: 2021 management systems of organizations' social responsibility.

Sustainability needs a horizontal approach through the organization and affect all parts including management, processes, resources and personnel. As a result, all these parts need to be included in the scope and be an integral part for, among other things, goals, decisions, activities, assessments and controls.

Some examples of work steps in sustainability:

  • Policy sustainability
  • Document management
  • Organization sustainability
  • Strategy and goals
  • Competence, education
  • Risk assessment
  • Deviation management
  • Management follow-up
  • Audit and control


iFACTS supports all sustainability work. Portal is created for the cohesive work, collaboration area for different groups, preparation of goals and measurements, deviation management, reports, follow-up, key figures and dashboards.


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