Self-Assessment Food Safety

iFACTS digitalizes self-assessment for food safety. Tasks, reminders, routine descriptions and checklists are easily accessible. Management will always have a full overview of the status, e.g. non-conformities, deviations, measurements and incidents.

A digital self-assessment system creates a clear structure for tasks to be performed, how and when, e.g. arrival control, inspections or complaints. Makes it easy to do it correctly. Templates are developed centrally and can be adapted locally. Changes are easily implemented in all or parts of the organization that are affected. The follow-up work will be effective both for the staff in the kitchen and at an overall level. Reminders are sent in the system or via email if tasks have not been completed.

Everything is configurable according to your organization's needs. Opportunity for integration with, for example, central login or temperature reading can be created. The user interface is easy to use and the start-up implementation is short.

Heard from a customer after the implementation:

"... never want to go back to any of the systems previously tested or to pen and paper again..."

Functionality in iFACTS to support the work:

  • Operational descriptions and workflow analysis
  • Policy, routines, document management
  • Tasks: roles, responsibilities, checklists
  • Handling of deviations, incidents, complaints
  • Risk management & hazard analysis
  • Reporting, follow-up & control
  • Web-based - available via computer, tablet or phone



  • All elements gathered in one integrated workflow
  • Follow-up of staff training
  • The entire operation and inspectors share the same data
  • Increased efficiency, traceability and transparency
  • Everyone involved in the process (unit manager, kitchen manager, chef, other staff)
  • Portals for quick overview
  • Easy start and early value created
  • High degree of scalability and flexibility
  • Integrations with other systems via standardized API


iFACTS has been a leading software solution in governance, risk and control since 1996. iFACTS software supports decision making based on relevant facts.


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