Quality Management System

Why is digitalization of Quality Management Systems so important?

The work with quality management is done in several parts of the organization. The basic principle the goals following different types of assignments and follow-up of these. The work often creates a lot of documentation and follow-ups, which will be much more efficient when it is digitalized in an effective way. Avoid working with several different word- & excel documents. Instead aim for real digitalization, where objects are defined in the database.

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The organization has most likely already defined several different types of goals and objectives. Important to remember goals arising from different types of laws & standards that need to be complied with or contracts that must be covered. To make digitalization possible objectives should preferably be documented in a similar way, and then continuously followed-up in the organization.

iFACTS support for Quality Management

Several different parts of the iFACTS software cooperate to set-up the quality management system. For example: Process, objectives, requirement handling, risk management, checklists and control.

In the web application the processes can be easily configured making it possible for different stakeholders in the organization to continuously report checklists, measurements & handle non-conformities, that are important for the operations.

Summaries and reports can then easily be done by management daily, weekly, monthly or according to any other needs. The result is also presented in dashboards or with different types of reports.

The result from several different units can be aggregated for management with warning signals for units not performing according to the requested standards.

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