Insurance Management

INSMAN - Insurance Management is designed for Captives or Self Insured organizations to take control of the entire insurance process. In one integrated workflow all parts such as insurance policies, invoicing, claims management, inspections, Solvency II and the renewal process are gathered in one easy to use web-based software.

Invite external parties directly into the system. Avoid redundant systems and reporting that is out of your control and not integrated. For example, invite reinsurers, brokers, inspectors or claims administrators to register information regarding loss data, EMLs, updated sum insured or added surveys.

The administratively challenging renewal process is fully supported. Features for data collection, indexing and premium modelling facilitate the work of administrators and provide superior control and traceability.

Claims management is designed for full claims settlement with, among other things, support for compensation calculations for personal injuries. Also, more simple claims handling processes are supported, where the claims information is primarily the basis for reporting to various parties and authorities.

Use the Report Generator to produce submission reports, insurance object values, claims statistics, company/user information etc. Solvency II reporting to authorities is set-up in a separate process with data handling, validation and potential integration with external reporting tool.

In the Reinsurer Portal relevant information and documentation is shared and exchanged with external parties.

Analysis of system data are easily done in integrated dashboards. With a few keystrokes, the information can be turned and rotated from different perspectives. Graphic elements such as pie charts, heat maps and measurements provide an easy-to-interpret overview. Useful both in the daily work and in the boardroom!

iFACTS INSMAN has been the dominant insurance system in the segment for captives and self-insured companies since the turn of the millennium. Customers are in different areas; producing industry, telecom, energy, pharmaceuticals and the in public sector.

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