Compliance in one (1) integrated workflow

New regulations in combination with today's rapidly changing digital landscape make compliance a significant challenge, especially in cyber and information security.

With the latest frameworks NIS2, DORA, and CER, the need for flexible and effective tools is crucial.

iFACTS helps you meet these challenges and ensures that you maintain/retain control over the digital supply chain, i.e., the organization's ICT (Information-Communication-Technology).

Since 1997, iFACTS has been at the forefront of software development for information security and management systems. By integrating proven ISO27001 principles, we offer a versatile solution covering everything from registration, classification, and dependencies to requirements management, incident reporting, risk analysis, and continuity planning. Together, this creates the digital supply chain.

iFACTS software is tailored to support management systems and digital supply chains, meeting the requirements of NIS2, DORA, and CER. We understand the importance of simplicity and customization. Therefore, we enable system configuration without the need for advanced programming. From information models and workflows to taxonomies, we prioritize user-friendliness

Why choose iFACTS?

Expertise: With over 25 years of experience, iFACTS is a leader in software development for management systems in several areas, including cyber and information security, as well as quality, risk, incident management, occupational safety, and claims management.

Customer-Centric Development: Through close collaboration with major players in both the private and public sectors, iFACTS has fine-tuned and adapted the platform to precisely meet your needs, including the latest requirements according to NIS2, DORA, and CER.

Versatility: iFACTS supports organizations in both the private and public sectors in management systems, risk management, and insurance, making us a versatile partner for businesses of all sizes.

Flexible Platform: iFACTS platform is modular and includes powerful tools for building forms, creating new fields, and administering overview pages, providing high flexibility. Configuration is done without resource-intensive programming, allowing you to customize the system to the smallest detail on your own or with consultants from us.

Standardized API: With iFACTS modern and robust API platform, you can seamlessly integrate with various data sources and systems.

Unique Customer Network: As an iFACTS customer, you become part of a strong community through our user group meetings. Here, organizations share experiences and support each other to overcome challenges.

Book a free demo today to explore how iFACTS software can help your organization meet the requirements of NIS2, DORA, and CER, and create value, control, and compliance in your digital supply chain.

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