Malmö Stad Information Security & GDPR


For the City of Malmö, information security is about the city’s relationship to the information that is handled, regardless of form and channel. Taking care of the information is not just about complying to different laws – it is pure self-preservation drive and a prerequisite for maintaining continuity and trust in the municipal activities.


The City of Malmö works actively with system security and uses iFACTS method to support this work, above all the module “Information systems”. For the processing of personal data, both for the municipality’s employees, but also the citizens dependent on the municipality’s functions, iFACTS provides a systematic way of handling data processing registers and perform data impact assessments.


“IFACTS method support is a potent and flexible support that matches the city’s model for system inventory, classification and requirements well. It simply helps us to create order in a world that for many is perceived as complex. With the help of the iFACTS method, our system owners and managers are supported  to compile requirements without having to be IT specialists” says Bo-Göran Andersson, information security coordinator in the city of Malmö with placement at Stadskontoret.


Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and part of the expansive Öresund region, with proximity to Copenhagen. The city of Malmö has about 25,800 employees and  operations spread throughout the city.


In the city of Malmö, safety and security issues are a priority area of ​​work. Information in all its forms has – every day, all year round – a significant role for the city’s operations, which requires an adapted and functional information security work.



E-services with automated case handling at Svenska Kommun Försäkrings AB

iFACTS, in collaboration with Swedish Municipal Insurance Ltd, has launched an e-service and automated process for damage registration and supplementation for private individuals in SKFAB’s Swedish municipalities. The e-service is integrated with iFACTS’ insurance and claims management system, INSMAN.

The system makes automated decisions in cases where there is sufficient information, allowing claims handlers to focus on cases that require further investigation and ensuring that claimants receive feedback and compensation more quickly.


iFACTS & Brand Compliance will offer the BC5701 in combination with the iFACTS Software.

In 2023 Brand Compliance launched the BC5701 GDPR certification standard. iFACTS will offer the BC5701 in combination with the iFACTS Software.


“The region estimates that it can reduce time spent on information classification with up to 80%”

“The iFACTS product proposition is modular, you can start small and grow… The software simplifies the work, the region estimates that it can reduce time spent on information classification with up to 80%. Beyond this, requirements can now be much more specific to our organization.”


“Loss prevention is an important part of the insurance process. There is a need to exchange information such as risk grading, technical data and values.”                         Ola Nilsson, Vice president at Essity Risk management

 “Using our own system gives us the power over the information; we can control the data and perform analysis in a better way. We have control over the process and are able to follow the progression of work.


“Potential differences in data between systems are caught at an early stage.”

Vattenfall Insurance wants to structure and streamline their workflow between claim management in INSMAN and the accounting in an external system. Routines are reliable and standardized, improved traceability throughout the complete solution is strengthened.