Get in control

Challenge: To get in control of their insurance needs and work more efficiently with the different steps in the insurance management and loss prevention processes.

Solution: Implementing an integrated software to be able to continuously share information within the team in an updated and qualitative way. External stakeholders can be invited to and assimilate data from different parts of the system.

Benefits: Being sure that the data is correct in all stages of the process. Different stakeholders can access and use the data simultaneously. All steps from renewal to invoicing to handling claims and loss prevention analysis are covered in one integrated workflow.

Heard from the customer:

 “Using our own system gives us the power over the information; we can control the data and perform analysis in a better way. We have control over the process and are able to follow the progression of work.”

“Loss prevention is an important part of the insurance process. There is a need to exchange information such as risk grading, technical data and values.”

                        Ola Nilsson, Vice president at Essity Risk management

Customer: Essity is a leading global hygiene company that develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue and health products. Within the Essity group, Essity Risk Management and Insurance facilitates the insurance program and loss prevention work.

Background: Essity has been using the iFACTS software platform since 2007, in 2012 the loss prevention module was added to benefit also from that information being available at a glance.

Other case studies

“The region estimates that it can reduce time spent on information classification with up to 80%”

“The iFACTS product proposition is modular, you can start small and grow… The software simplifies the work, the region estimates that it can reduce time spent on information classification with up to 80%. Beyond this, requirements can now be much more specific to our organization.”

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“Potential differences in data between systems are caught at an early stage.”

Vattenfall Insurance wants to structure and streamline their workflow between claim management in INSMAN and the accounting in an external system. Routines are reliable and standardized, improved traceability throughout the complete solution is strengthened.

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“Goal to move towards a fully digitalized process.”

A great change is to replace the physical claim files with digital versions. All claim handlers have access to a structured document handling module, ensuring full traceability and full order in the often-hefty document collection.

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”One system supporting all our insurance needs in one complete process”

Since 2010 SKF Reinsurance uses INSMAN to support the entire insurance process, issuing of insurance letters, renewal, invoicing and claims handling. The goal of implementing INSMAN was a complete system for the full process.

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“Supports the system owners to compile requirements without being IT-specialists.”

“iFACTS method and software is a powerful and flexible tool that matches the city’s model for system inventory, classification, and requirement definition well. It supports us quite simply in creating order and structure in a world, which many perceive as complicated.”

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