About us

iFACTS offers software and services for governance, risk and insurance management needs. The adaptive solutions fully integrate with daily operations.
iFACTS AB was first established in 1996 as an IT and Information Security company. Working in close cooperation with customers, in a wide range of industries and in the public sector, to make business processes more efficient and effective.
iFACTS strives to deliver independent solutions. This means that customers own the design, processes, and information — successful implementation is not locked to any one supplier. We are located in Malmö city center, near the Central Station.


Address: Skeppsbron 3
S-211 20 Malmö, Sweden



Development office in Bucharest

In 2016 iFACTS expanded with a development office in Bucharest, Romania. With the agile development process with daily stand-ups to follow the work according to scrum, it works great to have a team outside of Sweden. Our development resources more than doubled in a couple of months.

Our team

iFACTS’ team works in an agile environment with strong focus on delivering business value. The developers have long experience from working with .NET and databases. The work is structured according to the SCRUM principles in close cooperation with quality assurance and consultants.

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Strong growth requires more talents. New and existing customers further develop their processes with the support of iFACTS software.

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iFACTS is now looking to expand with new talents to work closely with our customers in finding the best solution for their operations. We are currently looking for a consultant

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Working at iFACTS

What do you do at iFACTS?

I’m a Customer Solutions Consultant, mainly within the areas of insurance management, claims handling and loss prevention. In my role I’m customer responsible, handling day to day activities with customers including acting as a project manager in various customer projects. My responsibilities also include further developing the software platform and support the customers in finding additional usage in their organisations.

How long have you been with the company? Your education and background?

I’ve been at iFATCS since 2018. I studied a bachelor’s program in IT & Business at Malmö University. In addition, I have studied extra business courses at Lund University. My first position was with OEM Automatic, temporarily at the financial department in Tranås and thereafter with delivery monitoring in Malmö, before joining iFACTS.

What makes iFACTS a great place to work?

Working at iFACTS is both fun and challenging. We work close with our customers to deliver the best possible product. The management team gives you a lot of responsibility from the start and you need to be creative in solving customer specific projects and needs which is something that fits me very well.

At iFACTS we work really close to each other. Since I’ve started here, I’ve worked closely with all individuals, from managing director Anne to our development team in Bucharest. It is a great group of people making up a great team.


Vilhelm Kjellsson
Customer Solution Consultant

What do you do at iFACTS?

Quality Assurance, where I work to improve and verify the quality of software releases to customers. My main focus areas are claims and insurance management, but also integrations with external systems. The work takes place mostly during development, where I test the flow and use cases that are identified. This is done iteratively and always in close communication with developers, BAs and consultants. In addition to the traditional testing of functions that customers come in contact with, I also work with internal processes such as Automation and DevOps; everything that can be linked to a better product is of interest!

How long have you been with the company? Your education and background?

I have been at iFACTS since 2018, a friend of mine that just started in the iFACTS development team recommended me. Before that, I studied game development at Malmö University, where I gained experience in software development with a focus on programming. Quality Assurance was not new to me, but working with web development was a new challenge that I appreciated.

What makes iFACTS a great place to work?

The team spirit in taking development from beginning to end, specifically working close to customers is something I appreciate because you can often put the product in a new perspective and learn new things! With a great deal of personal responsibility, it is always possible to find interesting solutions, especially when it comes to the more technical challenges. Then I like that we work closely together in the different roles, it creates a fun social aspect where you get to interact with many in the company.


Max Huldin
QA & Test


iFACTS for growth

At iFACTS everybody’s voice is heard. We work closely together and in a tight cooperation with our customers. Continuous improvement is key, anything that doesn’t work will soon lead to a new way of working. Everybody contributes to moving forward – learning new things.

Our customers are found among Sweden’s largest industrial companies and complex organizations within the public sector. We meet frequently and work closely together to support them in developing their internal processes. Some international customers – in Germany, Belgium, and Finland.

The software is released monthly adding new functionality according to market needs. New inspiration is gathered from customers, cooperations with universities, different networks and the interest and drive from colleagues for constant development.

Having fun together, hanging out, at Monday breakfasts, “Swedish fika”, After Works, customer dinners or conference trips are an important part of the iFACTS culture.

Curious about us? Please contact me.

Ann-Marie Lundmark


Describe your journey with iFACTS

My journey with iFACTS started in March 2016. iFACTS was looking to expand the company to a different location and I was looking for a new challenge after having founded and managed an IT staffing company for 5 years. It was love at first Skype. Since then we’ve created and expanded our Bucharest office and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

What are your responsibilities?

I’m a software developer by trade and I like interacting with people. I guess you could say that I look after my colleagues and the company’s interests from both a software development and a management perspective.

What do you like most about iFACTS?

I think it wouldn’t come as a surprise if I say that I think iFACTS’ greatest asset is its people. We are lucky to have hired skilled professionals that are amazing at what they do and great people at the same time.

A day at iFACTS?

Scrum in the morning, teamwork all day long.

What makes iFACTS a great place to work?

Everything. The products that you’re building, the people that you work with, the technologies that we use. The offices are nice too, especially the one in Malmo. The one in Bucharest is in the heart of the town but from the one in Malmo, you can see the sea.


Emilian Ionascu
Manager & Senior Developer