Malmö Stad Information Security

“The iFACTS method helps our system owners and administrators to gather and compile requirements without being IT-specialists.”

In Malmö city, in the most expansive region in Europe, Öresund, the safety and security issues are a prioritized area. All kinds of information – every day, all year round – play an important role in the city’s different operations, which require an adapted and well-functioning information security process.

Bo-Göran Andersson, information security coordinator in Malmö city within Stadskontoret:

”For us, Information security is about the relationship between Malmö city and all the information we are handling, regardless of type or channel. The handling of the information is not only about the legal requirements – but also pure self-preservation and a basis to maintain the continuity in and the trust for municipal operations.”

Malmö city works actively with system security and uses the iFACTS platform for this work, primarily the Information system module.

“iFACTS method and software is a powerful and flexible tool that matches the city’s model for system inventory, classification, and requirement definition well. It supports us quite simply in creating order and structure in a world, which many perceive as complicated. The method helps our system owners and administrators to gather and compile requirements without being IT-specialists” concludes Bo-Göran Andersson.

Other case studies

”One system supporting all our insurance needs in one complete process”

Since 2010 SKF Reinsurance uses INSMAN to support the entire insurance process, issuing of insurance letters, renewal, invoicing and claims handling. The goal of implementing INSMAN was a complete system for the full process.

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“Using our own system gives us the power over the information.”

Essity started using the INSMAN platform for insurance management already in 2007.  They now have control over their insurance needs and can work much more efficiently with the different steps, from renewal to invoicing to handling claims.

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“Loss prevention is fully controlled by us.”

E.ON Sverige AB – uses iFACTS for the entire loss prevention process. The information is fully controlled and can be shared with all stakeholders.  The software is also implemented to handle information security, environmental debt, and risk management within the company.

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