iFACTS GDPR toolbox

iFACTS offers a series of hands-on tools to address the GDPR requirements in a standardized and efficient manner

GAP controls

GAP controls to establish the current compliance level. Differentiated in sections depending on role, for example data controller, data processor, organizational view. Results in a list of nonconformities for management to prioritize.

control browser


Inventory and mapping of GDPR data sources, processors and IT resources including GDPR categorization and classification. Provides an inventory of which parts that are in scope and how they relate.

inventory browser

GDPR requirements

Based on the inventory - GDPR requirements are automatically generated from a standardized library and distributed to all roles.

requirement browser


Handling of GDPR workflows such as notification, consent, breach, record keeping, DPIA, reporting and more… Core functionality in the iFACTS software configured for GDPR needs.