“Analysis can be made directly and followed-up with appropriate actions”


Approximately 130,000 people live in the municipality of Helsingborg, which makes it the 8th biggest in Sweden. They spend roughly 5 billion SEK each year to provide services to citizens. The majority goes to schools and care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The unit of Safety and Security has four different core areas; crisis management, information security, risk management and insurances. Already in 2007 the cooperation with iFACTS started, over time it has developed to cover several different areas. Today iFACTS’ method and software is used for incident & event reporting, information security, insurance management and facility data.

Sten Orre, Security Co-ordinator within the city works primarily with risk management.

“Our assignment is to manage the risks within the city, increase the risk awareness for the employees and suggest different actions to handle them. For many years now, we have worked on establishing a systematic approach to this.”

In 2009 Helsingborg started a project to co-ordinate the event reporting in the city to reach a better overview. The goal was to gather all information from different administrations; the police, the fire department and watch guards in one common place and make the connections - to simply get different stakeholders with common interest to communicate. Through gathering all the data in iFACTS’ platform, co-operation on a completely new level was reached.

“With a systematic approach decisions can be made continuously – there is no need to wait for yearly reports with financial data. Instead analyses can be made directly and followed-up with appropriate actions. Security companies, real estate owners, social welfare, mobile teams and others in the area can take actions immediately; they can work together from mutual facts. It has proven to be a very effective and good way of working.”

“A systematic background analysis is important. The software or system cannot decide how work should be performed; instead the software must be adapted to our process. It’s a challenging journey, sometimes unnecessarily time consuming, to get the organization to understand.”

Presently Helsingborg is developing their processes further to use iFACTS Facility – a systematic security approach covering all facilities is the goal.

Sten says:

“The work is already done today, but in different ways and in different systems, from pure paper work to excel files – not coordinated. Controls are performed as decided, but impossible to follow-up or analyze. It is not possible to get an overview of the city or even of one administration. This will now be possible! Facility will really turn things around – with all information gathered in one systematic way.”

iFACTS platform can be further developed into new areas. The step towards Systematic Fire Protection is very important – this process already exists everywhere – the platform will automatically get implemented in several of the city’s operations.